The continuous research that goes into making ‘de luxe’ dresses, integrated with tailoring services for contemporary mens and womenswear. Reference point for style and elegance, the distinguishing features are the creation of the right garments for the most important occasion of one’s life. Clothes made to order, from de luxe high-quality tailoring to ready-to-wear garments.


Giuliana and her staff are at your disposal not only for the creation of the most sumptuous and elegant dresses and suits for ceremonies but also for everything that regards ready-to-wear garments. The showroom of the Atelier is right in the heart of the old town centre of Oderzo (Treviso), in Piazza Castello 21.


Presentation of the elegant wedding collections: bride’s dresses, bridegroom’s suits, wedding clothes for children, wedding accessories. Moreover there is a wide range of cocktail dresses available, dresses for special occasions, holiday cruises and all you need to furnish the wardrobes of men and women without overlooking the casual and informal aspects.