The distinguishing features of Giuliana Atelier are style and refinement where you can find the tailor-made dress or suit that is right for the most important occasion of your life…… not only, the Atelier also offers a wide choice of dresses for cocktail parties, elegant ceremonies, articles of clothing for a cruise holiday and all you need to furnish the wardrobe of a man and a woman of class without overlooking the casual or informal aspects. Since the nineteen-eighties, passion and creativity have gone hand in hand with the experience of Giuliana, giving rise to an Atelier characterized by the continuous research that goes into making refined and elegant articles of clothing, tailor-made to furnish the wardrobes of the men and women of today.

The Atelier is situated in the heart of the old historical centre of Oderzo, a small town in the province of Treviso that features numerous archeological findings of particular cultural interest. Counselling from experts on hand is at your disposal in the showroom situated in Piazza Castello 21, in Oderzo.

It is advisable to make an appointment by telephoning the number 0422-718377 so as to get the best from our services, not forgetting that Giuliana and the staff are at the clients' complete disposal, not only for the creation of elaborate and refined garments for special occasions but also for the ready-to-wear line.