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The Atelier focuses entirely on the bride and the bridegroom, on that unforgettable day,
helping to make it unique and out of the ordinary. The attention to detail is the clue to the strength of the Atelier… The brides-to-be of the Atelier of Giuliana are outstanding for their strength and character, all of which is expressed through the dresses realized for them.
Contemporaneity and re-discovery of the past are the two elements that blend together to create these strong contrasts, featuring lacework alternating with more innovative fabrics, while a marked preference for dynamic lines rich in originality is evident.

Refined materials, rich embroidery, appliquéing with swarowsky are all used to embellish corsets, evening gowns and dresses for the most radiant brides. Giuliana and Evelina are always careful to satisfy the customers’ requests, customizing their creations with the most innovative fabrics and playing with colours, patterns and designs. They are happy to offer advice upon appointment, completely free of charge.

Our brides & bridegrooms The relationship that the Atelier creates with the brides and bridegrooms is friendly and often lasts long after the wedding itself as in many cases customers come back for assistance on later occasions for a makeover of the dress or suit itself in the most significant details.